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Power Up! Career Exploration Workshops- Mentor Registration

Power Up! Career Exploration Workshops- Mentor Registration
12/03/2018 09:00 AM - 12/04/2018 02:00 AM MT


2018 Power Up!


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Power Up! Career Exploration Workshops provide grade 8 students from across the Territory an opportunity to participate in interactive demonstrations from local professionals in a variety of Trade and Technology careers. These workshops help students identify their skills and interests, gain hands on experience, and allow local organizations to mentor youth and promote careers within their industry. 

In advance of the workshops, participating students are invited to select from a variety of workshop themes. Students will be assigned a workshop theme based on their identified preferences, and based on the order that their registration forms are received by Skills Canada NWT.  Your organization will have the opporutnity to present an hour and half long interactive workshop to a small group of students and a chaperone where skills, knowledge, tools and equipment related to your career can be demononstrated. 

While we will divide the workshops into boys on one day, and girls on the other day, this year we​ will be offering identical workshops to the boys and girls and therefore we​ are ​asking all workshop hosts ​to commit to both ​workshop ​dates​, and to offering the same workshop on both days.​

Lunch will be provided to mentors at your location. 


Please provide information about the primary contact person for your workshop, as well as information about your organization's location. 



Please indicate the name of your 1.5 hr workshop, a description of what will the workshop will entail, the amount of students you can accomodate and select all workshop times that your organization is available for. 


In order to ensure the safety of the students participating in this event, we require some information about the individual mentors that will be leading these workshops. Please provide the information below for each mentor that will be leading or participating in any of the Power Up! Career Exploration Workshops. Also, as lunch will be provided for all mentors by Skills Canada NWT, we require dietary information. (Note: Attendee = Mentor)




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Waiver Statement:

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